n 1903 when Byron Harmon first passed through Banff it was a village located between a train station, a hot springs, and a European chateau style hotel. Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada’s first national park, was a small reserve of 26 sq. km (10 sq. miles) established in 1887 by Sir John A. MacDonald to sidestep the disputed ownership and rights for commercial development of the Cave and Basin Hot Springs on the lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain.

It was in these same hot springs that Byron met Tom Wilson, a local outfitter and notable who allegedly convinced him that Banff and its endless surrounding mountains would offer ample opportunities for photography with little or no competition.


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B053 Banff Springs Hotel, c 1920


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B054 Banff Avenue, c 1920


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B056 Chateau Lake Louise Pool, 1932


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B075 Lake Agnes Teahouse


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B095 Swiss Guides at Surprise Corner - Banff Springs Hotel in the Distance

A Life In The Wilderness

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