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the Rainbow Mountain Limited First Edition Viewbook
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• 200 copies, numbered and signed
• 14 inches by 9.5 inches
• soft cover, post bound text, string bound cover
• 21 images | 52 pages
• introduction and image captions by Carole Harmon
• $170.00
The Rainbow Mountains Viewbook is styled after the historical "viewbooks" produced by Byron Harmon in the early Twentieth Century. Each image is featured on a page with caption as the only text. The pages are bound with a laced and tied chord. The book may be kept in it's integrity or images may be removed for display purposes, hence the moniker, "viewbook".
This is a viewbook of images by Byron Harmon from the 1911 joint expedition by The Alpine Club of Canada and the Smithsonian Institute including the first circuit of Mt. Robson and the country around Mt. Robson, Yellowhead Pass, and Maligne Lake. This expedition resulted in the first survey of the region as well as the first systematic natural history survey of the northern Rockies. Thirty peaks were climbed, most of them first ascents. The introduction and captions are drawn from the accounts of this expedition in the Canadian Alpine Journal for 1912.

The Rainbow Mountains Viewbook
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