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Prices & Sizes

Stoney Limited Edition

$800.00 CAD plus applicable tax and shipping

Limited Edition of 25 Prints per Image

25 prints from each of the original hand-coloured photographs
rephotographed, retouched and printed by Carole Harmon
numbered and signed by Carole Harmon

• The original images are hand-coloured gelatine silver prints.

• The Limited Edition Reproductions are archival pigment prints at the size of the original photographs.

14 x 20
14 x 21.5
20 x 14
21.5 x 14
35.56 X 50.8
35.56 X 54.61
50.8 X 35.56
54.60 X 35.56

The original photographs are in
the Harmon family collection
and are not for sale

Contact me to order Limited Edition prints and to answer any questions you might have.

Carole Harmon
Retouched, Printed, and signed by Carole Harmon
The Stoney Limited Edition

Archival pigment prints are the marriage of old and new values and technique. High resolution scans are prepared from a direct duplicate of the original negative. The prints are made using archival pigment inks and sumptuous archival fine art papers which have been coated to accept the printed image, an echo of the coatings applied to photographic papers which were prepared using coatings of gelatine, albumen, starch, or other smooth mediums mixed with silver to accept the image. The digital files can also be printed on photographic paper using the Lightjet process.

The Retouching Process

Scratches and dust spots are the bane of every photographer. At one time these artefacts were retouched using inks, knives, and brushes. Today they can be digitally repaired without changing the original character and tonal range of the image. The balance sought is to remove what is distracting and degrading to the image while preserving the historical patina, tonal range, and content of the photograph.

I prepare retouched digital files of Byron Harmon images which I have chosen to include in projects such as exhibitions and books. Image blemishes which have been produced by physical damage at the time the photograph was taken or during the intervening years are repaired in Adobe Photoshop before the image is printed. This is an extremely time consuming and exacting process so I am unable to retouch all the Byron Harmon images in my website in this way. In order to offer a wide selection of images, I am offering both retouched and unretouched images.