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The Gold Toned Portfolio (continued)

When I began to print Byron Harmon images once again in the 1990’s I chose to use Printing-out Paper. This contact printing paper was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was one of the most sumptuous commercial photographic papers ever produced. Originally a proofing paper, when toned with precious metals such as gold it was used to make display prints. Printing-out Paper has been obsolete in the broader photographic market since the 1980’s but was kept alive by Chicago Albumen Works, an American company which specializes in reproducing period photographic processes and restoring vintage photographs and collections. Centennial Printing-out Paper was commissioned by them and produced, first in France, then in England. I was one of the photographers who tested each new rendition of the paper. It went out of production in 2009 when Kentmere Paper in England was sold.

The printed images are at the size of the printing negative therefore enlarged negatives were prepared from the originals. These were then contact printed on 16” x 20” and 8”x10”
Centennial, Gelatine Chloride Printing-out Paper. The prints were gold toned to create the interesting tonal ranges from deep brown to black with silvery highlights as well as prints with excellent archival characteristics. It was a sad day when this beautiful process disappeared from the world.